About Greater Nashville Title

Why work with us

Hello, we’re GNT. Nice to meet you!

We know smooth real estate closings can be hard to come by. At Greater Nashville Title, we believe everyone deserves a smooth and easy closing. That’s why we’ve created a rock-solid process that makes real estate closings straightforward, and hassle-free. We bring our clients to the closing table without any confusion, frustration or costly delays. 

Who we are

We’ve been a trusted name for decades

Over 20,000 clients and real estate professionals have trusted us to handle their real estate deals for over 30 years. 

We provide real-time updates through our mobile app so you can see the status of your closing at any time. When it comes to closing day, we have multiple closing locations around the Greater Nashville area. We can even come to you or close your deal completely online. However you want it done, we’ll be sure to get you to the closing table on time. We even back that up with our Closing Fee Guarantee. If we cause a delay, we’ll waive your Closing Fee. 

We simply believe there is an easier way to do real estate closings and we’re always looking for ways to make it even better.

How We Started

Our team

Steven Disser

We’ve always focused on being good stewards of our business. It is our passion and our purpose to keep setting new standards of client service.

Carol Holmes

Operations Manager
My goal is to provide the best training for our team as possible, so our clients can get answers fast and our work is of the highest quality.

Chelsea Moore

Director of Client Relations
There is nothing better than seeing smiling faces at the closing table. It’s easily the best part of my job.

Missy Shaffer

Post-Closing Manager
I admire my co-workers: they’re professional, knowledgeable. They’re people of integrity. I really can’t see myself working anywhere else.

Sandy Balent

Senior Closing Coordinator
Every time I touch a client’s file, I try to be as thorough, accurate, and alert as possible. I believe that should be the standard.

Toni Belyea

Sr. Closing Coordinator
I want our clients to feel welcome here, invited. Closings can be stressful—I like to think we’re a ‘closing oasis’.

Kristin Disser

Closing Coordinator
I try to treat every deal I work like it’s my own, because that’s how I would want my title company to work for me.